The Mutually Beneficial Exchange

Mubex is The Mutually Beneficial Exchange— a platform for People, Businesses and Non-Profits working to build a Partnership Economy where all transactions automatically create funds to enable us to Save for the future, Share with our friends and families and Donate to our communities— every time a purchase happens.

The #BuildIt Project

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Mubex is centered on an idea called Mutually Beneficial Credit—a new unit of account/rebate that can be easily generated from any transaction and that represents the most important parts of our lives—our hopes for future, our desire to support the people we care about and our basic interest in contributing to the world at large— so that every time we buy something, we also create funding for the things that matter most.

The Mubex Launch is organized around The #BuildIt Project—a global, collaborative effort build a community Mubex Partners, open a Marketplace that makes the process of offering and earning Mutually Beneficial Credit both simple and automatic and activate Mubex accounts so that Mubex Partners can Save, Share and Donate in whatever ways they choose.

While the timeline for The #BuildIt Project will depend on the participation and support of the Mubex Community, our goal is to successfully conclude The #BuildIt Project and introduce the next phase of our development at the #MUBEXEVERYWHERE Launch Event on July 4th, 2022. At the event, we will celebrate the accomplishments of our Partners and share the details of our next collaboration:


All Partners are invited to attend.

Our Mission

Our mission is to renew our system of commerce by building a worldwide Partnership Economy where our future, our relationships and our communities are always present—and accounted for—every time our money changes hands.

Our Values

Inspired by the belief and experience that all people have hopes for the future, a desire to support their friends and families and a basic interest in contributing to the world at large—Mubex was created to provide a simple way to infuse these aspirations into the heart of our economics by using each transaction to automatically generate funds for Saving, Sharing and Donating.

This is The Mutually Beneficial Exchange—a marketplace that perpetuates freedom, kindness and generosity at the speed of commerce by creating funds for our future, our relationships and our communities, every time a purchase happens.

Saving means more Freedom
Sharing means more Kindness
Donating means more Generosity

Let’s build a Partnership Economy. Let’s be the Partnership Generation.